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Pro-Steam recommends you get your carpets cleaned to get rid of and keep those dust mites, allergens, and dirt and grime down to a nothing. This protects your family so you do not get any allergies or rashes from your nice carpet. This also protects the color and makes carpets last longer which is very important. We hire honest and reliable workers that clean carpets in an incredible way and I couldn’t believe how quickly everyone picked up on our fabulous cleaning methods.

Most cleaners use the hot-water-extraction method of cleaning and this is a method where hot detergent solution is sprayed onto the carpet and it is immediately vacuumed up to keep the moisture out. It’s never good to let moisture sit. You want it done right because if water sits on the pad and then it can actually bleed and sock into the infrastructure and cause mold and mildew so you must have a company that knows what they are doing to use this method. The other bad thing is detergent can be left as well and this will actually make the carpet get dirtier quicker. but don’t worry as long as you hire a company that knows what they are doing like us then there is honestly no problems with this method.

Pro-Steam wants your family to have a healthy clean environment to live in because this is important for the kids. You don’t want your carpets to always be dirty because it will release dirt and allergens into the air and will cause you to have breathing problems and other issues that you may not even realizes is cause by you never cleaning or vacuuming your floors. So, we recommend being on top of cleaning and ensuring a safe home life.

Lesson From Dogs To Kiddos – Cute Video

This is a cute video on dogs giving people lessons on enjoying the little things in life, how to clean up, how to get dirty, and how to be a little weird and have fun! It’s a cute video and it’s true dream big and love life and don’t worry about all the little things. We tend to dwell on little things, we tend to dwell on money and all the things that don’t always matter at the end of the day. We should enjoy life and enjoy everything everyone and the earth has to offer. Very cute video!

Pet Stain Tips – For Dog Owners *

Water Damage Sun River OR

Emergency Water Damage Lacey WA

Water Damage Sun River OR

If you ever get a large leak or a flood occurs then you should always call a specialist like us professionals at Pro-Steam. Our technicians are certified and know exactly what to do in a situation. It’s so important to act quickly and get it taken care of immediately because it is extremely bad for water to be sitting in any place because water can cause things like mold and mildew. This can do more damage to your home than anything.

It’s very important that professionals get the area completely dry. We have special equipment and are trained in knowing how to do this. If water is left it will eventually damage you infrastructure. There are ways to protect your home from water damage. For one always check things like the dishwasher, refrigerator, sinks, and anywhere that waters comes out of for leaks. If a hose is connected to something…check it!

In the bathrooms always replace deteriorated or cracked grout, hoses, and always check drainpipes under the sink. Toilets can clog and do simple things like chlorine tablet cleaners that may help in breaking down stuff that can lead to a leak.

Always check hoses by the washing machine and be proactive and change them every five years. Water heaters last around fifteen years so always check the floor around them to ensure that water isn’t leaking on the floor. Be proactive and catch that leak before it turns into any major problem.

Carpet Cleaning Prineville OR

Spots are a pest. Pro-Steam has a routine of getting them out, making your carpet fresh, and making the odor in your home feel cleaner and smell cleaner. When you spill something clean it immediately. Pro-Steam recommends that you blot the area before applying a cleaning solution. We recommend that you do not rub the spill because you are actually rubbing it in and spreading the stain. When you apply the spot cleaner you just want to work from the outside in and this helps in avoiding the stain from spreading. It’s also better to use white items to clean the spots. When you use things of color you at times may accidentally cause dies to react thus staining the carpet more. Once you dye the carpet then it’s sometimes is impossible for even a carpet cleaner to get the spot out because the color of the carpet has changed.

Sometimes you want to add a fresh smell in the air and you can make the carpet and air fresher by combining this mixture and then sprinkle over the carpet. Let this homemade recipe for carpet freshener sit for a few minutes then vacuum. You will love the smell and odor and it will make the house aroma amazing.

So, you want to take one cup of dried herbs like rosemary or my favorite lavender and then add one teaspoon of ground cloves, one teaspoon of cinnamon, one teaspoon of baking soda, and then combine all of this. Now, sprinkle away and trust me you will love this !

Can Dogs Sense Emotion? Great Video !

Can dogs sense our emotions and related with us more than most? In this video they show a german shepherd watching photographs and then what they do is look at the dogs eyes to see how they react to the faces. It was interesting and amazing to think of how smart dogs are and when don’t even know it sometimes. Dogs have unique abilities and it’s becoming a new thought and question on how did dogs evolve into this and some how gain so much human charactistics? And how is it that they have a great ability to do certain things like sensing a seizure? Is that a sense we’ve always wondered about if humans had it but some how we’re not able to tap into that? This was a very interesting video.

Carpet Cleaning Redmond OR

Carpet Cleaning Redmond OR

Removing stains, protecting your carpet, and dealing with all the things that come into contact with your carpet can be a lot to think about.  Pro-Steam wants to give you some tips and inside tricks of the trade.

Green Carpet Cleaning Lacey WA

A lot of times you may spill wine, or the kids might squirt ketchup on the carpet, you may fill a coffee cup up too much and it spills as you attempt to hurry out the door and we want you to know don’t worry and freak out over this.  Pro-Steam wants you to dip a white cloth or you can also get a paper towel and dip this into detergent solution and then dab the spot as well as pressing the rag onto the carpet spot for at a few seconds.   Wait a bit and then soak up the excess moisture as well.

You can also dip a white cloth and/or paper towel in vinegar and dab the spot again and again.  Do the same thing in pressing on the spot for a few seconds and then waiting a bit.  A lot of times attempting to get a spot out of the carpet is a continuous repeating process of blotting, dabbing, waiting, and so forth.
After you’ve gone through this process you want to blot the spot with a rag that is soaked with lukewarm water.  Wait maybe an hour and see what it looks like when the carpet has dried.  If the stain just lightened a bit then just repeat this process.

Pro-Steam can get out stains even if they are deep in the carpets when we come to clean your carpets throughout the year.  No stain is impossible.

Dock Diving Competition – New Sport Sweeping The Nation !

This is video of dogs doing Dock Diving. Fun video to watch and all of the dogs look like they are having a blast. This new competition is sweeping the nation. Dock diving is becoming a popular trend that people are loving to watch, loving to compete in, and it’s just a fantastic event! Dock diving is a great sport for water dogs, and the dogs have a lot of fun at the shows, it’s a great sport and challenge for them. I highly enjoy Dock Diving Dogs and I’m thinking of attempting to train my dog to do it. I know she loves water and I think she’d be great at it because she can jump like an insane woman sometimes. Great sport and fun video to watch.

Have wet dogs that made a mess out of the carpet? Call us. Carpet Cleaning Bend OR

Water Damage Redmond OR

Water Damage can be a serious thing and depending on how much the water has damaged everything it can destroy the infrastructure if not taken care of in a timely fashion. If the carpet is wet for over 48 hours then you will see problems with infrastructure and the carpet is irreparable and you’ll have to replace it. Contacting a certified professional team like Pro-Steam is the regarded as the safest way to restore water damage property back to it’s original condition. That’s why we have 24 hour emergency service because we know how valuable you and your home is.

If water is not taken care of correctly it can result in mold and mildew problems that no one cares to deal with. This is also another problem that will take more time, hit your wallet harder, and give you more frustrations. That’s why Pro-Steam recommends you call a professional immediately when water damage occurs so you can get the problem fixed correctly and in a timely fashion that does not result in more problems like mold occurring.

Water basically attacks the wood and is very destructive. Bacteria and other things can grow and live in it. Homeowner’s insurance may or may not cover it so be aware of that and it’s always a good idea to check so you know before the problem happens. It’s important to call professionals like us at Pro-Steam because we have the right equipment to get the job done. Trying to do it yourself with equipment that doesn’t work properly will just give you bigger problems down the road. So, call a specialist.

Water Damage Prineville OR

Water Damage Prineville OR

It’s amazing that an average US Citizen uses at least eight gallons of water a day. Your dishwasher uses twenty five gallons of water for each cycle. Now, imagine if a line or a hose breaks during a dish washing and twenty five gallons of water leaks onto the floor. This would be a huge problem. You want to get these problems and leaks fixed immediately.

Pro-Steam recommends getting a certified technician into your home to dry the water and restore your home back to it’s original state as soon as possible. You for sure want someone in your home within 48 hours of a problem occurring. The longer the water sits on the floor the more time it is given to sink into the carpet, into the base boards, thus attacking the infrastructure and creating problems like mold and mildew.

Pro-Steam has unique and state of the art equipment to quickly dry, quickly repair, and to quickly get your home back to it’s original state. Water damage can create a huge problem that then leads to other issues if someone does not get into your home and fix the problem correctly. An average person does not have the equipment that we have to ensure the floors are dry completely. It may look that way but it may not be dry under the surface. If water has leaked under the floor than it can start attacking the wood and create mold and creating a perfect environment for it. 24hrservice

Cute Video Of Dog Singing To Pop Song

This is a canine that starts barking and howling to that “Get Lucky” song…I have heard dogs sing in the key of C. I once lived with a dog that would actually howl any time I would put on Bob Dylan. I at first thought something was wrong with the dog. It was funny to watch this dog howl when ever Bob would hit a certain note. I adored it! I would sit there and just watch in total amazement. Dogs are very unique and amazing and I truly adore them and couldn’t imagine my life without mine. Her personality is out of this world…even though she doesn’t sing. I still love her though.