Water Damage Madras OR

Water Damage Madras OR

Here’s a set plan to know and to have if you run into your home flooding or leaks occurring and you need this water damaged repaired.

1) Call a professional to come in as soon as possible. This is why Pro-Steam has a 24-Hour Emergency phone number so we can get to your home and help.

2) You do not want to vacuum the wet floor because this is putting you at a huge risk of getting electrocuted. The other factor in this is you are doing no good. Removing water from the floor requires specialized machinery.

3) Let’s say a whole room floods and their is standing water then don’t go into that room or water. Wait until the professional gets there because you don’t want to take the risk of there being electricity any where.

4) Go ahead and turn on boxed fans and ceiling fans to assist in the drying process. If this has happened in the winter go ahead and turn on any heating systems you may have.

5) Another tip is you can actually turn on a dehumidifier but only do this if the temperature outside is 65 degrees or higher.

6) Go ahead an remove rugs and furniture from the area that is wet. And go ahead and open all the doors throughout the house and let the air circulate and give the humidity and water an escape route.

Always remember that no matter where you are in the world the air humidity is different. Here in Oregon we are right by the ocean and yes it has pros but there is always moisture in the air as well because of the ocean. The number one plan is call Pro-Steam as soon as this problem happens so that technicians can get into your home and get things dried and save you any long term costs.