Water Damage Bend OR

Spring melt floods can cause serious water damage to your home that can be almost impossible for an amateur to fix on their own. We have decades of experience removing water damage, and restoring your home to its original pristine condition. The benefits to hiring us easily outweigh the possible negatives.

We offer one of the most comprehensive water damage inspections on the market. We will carefully inspect every inch of your home, looking for serious and non-serious signs of water damage. Some water damage is subtle, or even unnoticeable. However, this damage can lead to serious problems down the road. It can slowly erode the wood in your floor, causing it to rot, and collapse beneath your feet. We even make sure to check for foundation damage, to ensure your home doesn’t rot from the inside out.

Once we have assessed the damage, we will discuss it with you, to help you understand your potential investment in the project. It is important to use that you fully understand the damage in your home, and how much it will cost to restore it. We won’t hide anything from you, or spring any sudden “surprise” repair charges. We’ll figure out what we need to do to restore your home, give you a fair price, and keep it as within that price as possible.

After we’ve agreed on a price, we will come into your home and remove all water damage. Then, we restore the structural integrity of your home, remove water logged insulation, drain trapped water, reinforce damaged structures, and restore damaged building materials. If we have to remove insulation, we will replace it. We can even add new decorative touches to replace damaged ones, including repainting walls and replacing flooring.

Best of all, once we have repaired and restored your home, we will waterproof the damaged areas to prevent further damage. This service is include in our initial bid, and helps ensure that you won’t be running into this kind of problem again. We consider this service the our most important benefits. Water proofing your home helps give you the peace of mind of knowing that your home is safe from further damage.

Professional water restoration firms like us, help prevent a bad situation from turning worse. If you leave water damaged untreated, it can spread to other areas of your home, and cause damage on a house wide scale.