Furniture and Upholstery Cleaning Olympia WA

There are many reasons our professional upholstery cleaning service are in demand. Many a wise homeowner and office manager understands that this is one of the best ways of protecting your furniture investment. With regularly cleaned upholstery and carpets, you’ll enjoy a cleaner, more sanitary and fresher smelling home or office environment.

Your upholstered furniture will remain looking great far longer when the textiles are deep cleaned to remove all dust, dirt, pet dander, and smoke trapped between the threads. Aside from prolonging the life of the fabrics, removing all soiling and particles trapped within the weave helps to reduce both allergens and housekeeping chores necessary to keep wood floors and furniture dust-free.

Professional upholstery cleaning is great for removing spots or stains too. The results will be better and longer lasting than trying to clean them yourself, as most upholstery cleaning products you can buy actually attract dirt. Most spills and soiled areas are easily removed with our special pre-treating and extraction cleaning methods.

Pro-Steam upholstery technicians are specially trained in the proper care and handling of many types of fabrics. We use professional steps and equipment to get the best possible results.

Furniture and Upholstery Cleaning Bend OR

All fabrics are tested before any application of cleaning solution to spots, stains and heavily soiled areas. A thorough removal of dust and fine debris is done on all surfaces, and any pleats, folds, cracks or crevices, followed by deep fiber cleansing. Once the technician has finished the upholstery cleaning process, the fabric will be speed dried.

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