Pet Urine and Odor Removal Bend OR

Odor Removal Olympia WA

No matter how much you love your pets, sometimes the scent can be too much. Even trained dogs and acts occasionally have accidents and there’s only one way to get rid of the odor. Hire a professional. Pro-Steam has what it takes to get to the bottom of your odor issues.

Why Hire a Professional?

Part of the reason pet odor from urine is such a problem is the scent doesn’t stay on top of the carpet, but it gets absorbed into the carpet fibers and into the padding beneath the carpet. So, not only is there a stain, but the scent lingers and draws pets back to the same spot, making the problem even worse.

Professionals have the chemical removers and the training to eliminate pet stains and odors. This prevents them from harming the carpet or the furniture long-term. They work to break down the enzymes in the animal urine and remove the odor at its source.

The professionals at Pro-Steam may recommend removing and replacing the carpet padding in instances where the odor issue have been persisting for a long time. They may need to apply an odor-blocker beneath the padding heavily enough to catch everything that has been affected by the urine.

By using a professional, such as Pro-Steam, it’s possible to get to the bottom of the odor issues in your home without resorting to dramatic methods. A professional can permanently remove the embarrassing odors in your home before they become a problem.

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