Carpet Cleaning Sisters OR

Carpets need to be vacuumed at least once a week. We, Pro-Steam, have seen some carpets that maybe were vacuumed once a month and you wouldn’t believe all the dirt and grime that came out. We left the house looking as if it had brand new carpet. But the reason we want you to vacuum once a week and maybe vacuum more in areas with a lot of foot traffic like at the front and back doors is because the dirt that lives in the carpet has allergens in it that leak into the air and may cause you breathing issues.

If you have plush carpet then take your time. You know the thicker the carpet is the more dirt that can hide in there so just go slow and get that deeply embedded dirt and grime out and go over areas a few times. Go slow to allow the suction to do it’s job and this helps when we come in and clean the carpets because we can get out more dirt and grime. You always want to pay extra attention to areas where the kids are laying around and crawling and this maybe everywhere I guess but any areas where they maybe rolling around you want to ensure your keeping that clean as possible.

Some tips that you may not know is you can add baking soda to your vacuum bag and this will help neutralize odors and make things smell better. This really helps if you have pets and you don’t want that dog smell or if they were running around the house after a bath. Give the carpet a quick clean with the baking soda in the bag and it will smell a lot better.