Carpet Cleaning Redmond OR

Carpet Cleaning Redmond OR

Removing stains, protecting your carpet, and dealing with all the things that come into contact with your carpet can be a lot to think about.  Pro-Steam wants to give you some tips and inside tricks of the trade.

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A lot of times you may spill wine, or the kids might squirt ketchup on the carpet, you may fill a coffee cup up too much and it spills as you attempt to hurry out the door and we want you to know don’t worry and freak out over this.  Pro-Steam wants you to dip a white cloth or you can also get a paper towel and dip this into detergent solution and then dab the spot as well as pressing the rag onto the carpet spot for at a few seconds.   Wait a bit and then soak up the excess moisture as well.

You can also dip a white cloth and/or paper towel in vinegar and dab the spot again and again.  Do the same thing in pressing on the spot for a few seconds and then waiting a bit.  A lot of times attempting to get a spot out of the carpet is a continuous repeating process of blotting, dabbing, waiting, and so forth.
After you’ve gone through this process you want to blot the spot with a rag that is soaked with lukewarm water.  Wait maybe an hour and see what it looks like when the carpet has dried.  If the stain just lightened a bit then just repeat this process.

Pro-Steam can get out stains even if they are deep in the carpets when we come to clean your carpets throughout the year.  No stain is impossible.