Carpet Cleaning Prineville OR

Spots are a pest. Pro-Steam has a routine of getting them out, making your carpet fresh, and making the odor in your home feel cleaner and smell cleaner. When you spill something clean it immediately. Pro-Steam recommends that you blot the area before applying a cleaning solution. We recommend that you do not rub the spill because you are actually rubbing it in and spreading the stain. When you apply the spot cleaner you just want to work from the outside in and this helps in avoiding the stain from spreading. It’s also better to use white items to clean the spots. When you use things of color you at times may accidentally cause dies to react thus staining the carpet more. Once you dye the carpet then it’s sometimes is impossible for even a carpet cleaner to get the spot out because the color of the carpet has changed.

Sometimes you want to add a fresh smell in the air and you can make the carpet and air fresher by combining this mixture and then sprinkle over the carpet. Let this homemade recipe for carpet freshener sit for a few minutes then vacuum. You will love the smell and odor and it will make the house aroma amazing.

So, you want to take one cup of dried herbs like rosemary or my favorite lavender and then add one teaspoon of ground cloves, one teaspoon of cinnamon, one teaspoon of baking soda, and then combine all of this. Now, sprinkle away and trust me you will love this !