Carpet Cleaning La Pine OR

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Pro-Steam wants to give you some more tips and tricks of the trade to get carpets cleaner, remove stains more effectively, and to make your home environment happier and healthier.

Let’s look at acid stains. If you spill drain cleaner lets say on the carpet this demands that you act as quickly as possible! You want to dilute this with baking soda and water or club soda and then apply ammonia and water mixed together one it. Rinse this with cold water and let it dry for a bit and then vacuum the area.

Another common spill is maybe your alcoholic beverage. Just dilute the spot with cold water and absorb the extra moisture. Mix a mild detergent, some white vinegar, and some warm water and then apply this to the stain. Let the carpet dry and then vacuum the area.

Blood ! This can be a horrific thing that no one likes to clean up. Mix some mild detergent, white vinegar, and some warm water and after you use this maybe try a dry cleaning fluid and vacuum it up. I also recommend that you call a carpet cleaner like Pro-Steam just to come in and do a good deep clean on the carpets if this was a bad blood spill. I think it’s important because we can get out all the bacteria, protect the carpet, and get out all of the moisture.

Another thing kids seem to do is using crayons on the carpets and we always say you should scrape the area to remove it. People say they use something to blot the crayon by ironing the area and then blotting it. So, it’s as if you are melting it and blotting away the excess. This is another area where I recommend Pro-Steam to come in and get this taken care of. Especially, if it’s all over. After you spend the time and energy you will feel as if you’d have rather hired a professional to come in and get the job done right and quicker.

Carpet is an important part of our home so it’s important to protect it and make it last.