Water Damage Terrabone OR

Water Damage Terrabone OR

First, think of the hours you spend at work away from home. That’s a lot right? Think of a leak occurring early in the morning and you getting to it later in the afternoon. Bad, huh? The common places leaks occur is dishwashers, ice makers, water heaters, toilets, sinks, and washing machines. Small leaks usually go unnoticed and cause major issues after a while.

Here are Five Major Tips To Help Make An Attempt To Protect Yourself Against Leaks

1) Check all your hoses and faucets on a regular routine schedule.

2) Check the caulking in showers and tubs.

3) Always be aware of where you turn off the main water.

4) You can always purchase alarms that will sound off when there is a water like similar to smoke alarms.

5) Keep leaks, caulking, hoses, water heaters up to date and this is a proactive way of preventing major problems.

Pro-Steam wants you to be on top of water damage and know exactly what to do when the problem occurs and to not take it lightly. It can cause major problems in the home.

Water Damage Madras OR

Water Damage Madras OR

Here’s a set plan to know and to have if you run into your home flooding or leaks occurring and you need this water damaged repaired.

1) Call a professional to come in as soon as possible. This is why Pro-Steam has a 24-Hour Emergency phone number so we can get to your home and help.

2) You do not want to vacuum the wet floor because this is putting you at a huge risk of getting electrocuted. The other factor in this is you are doing no good. Removing water from the floor requires specialized machinery.

3) Let’s say a whole room floods and their is standing water then don’t go into that room or water. Wait until the professional gets there because you don’t want to take the risk of there being electricity any where.

4) Go ahead and turn on boxed fans and ceiling fans to assist in the drying process. If this has happened in the winter go ahead and turn on any heating systems you may have.

5) Another tip is you can actually turn on a dehumidifier but only do this if the temperature outside is 65 degrees or higher.

6) Go ahead an remove rugs and furniture from the area that is wet. And go ahead and open all the doors throughout the house and let the air circulate and give the humidity and water an escape route.

Always remember that no matter where you are in the world the air humidity is different. Here in Oregon we are right by the ocean and yes it has pros but there is always moisture in the air as well because of the ocean. The number one plan is call Pro-Steam as soon as this problem happens so that technicians can get into your home and get things dried and save you any long term costs.

Water Damage Bend OR

Spring melt floods can cause serious water damage to your home that can be almost impossible for an amateur to fix on their own. We have decades of experience removing water damage, and restoring your home to its original pristine condition. The benefits to hiring us easily outweigh the possible negatives.

We offer one of the most comprehensive water damage inspections on the market. We will carefully inspect every inch of your home, looking for serious and non-serious signs of water damage. Some water damage is subtle, or even unnoticeable. However, this damage can lead to serious problems down the road. It can slowly erode the wood in your floor, causing it to rot, and collapse beneath your feet. We even make sure to check for foundation damage, to ensure your home doesn’t rot from the inside out.

Once we have assessed the damage, we will discuss it with you, to help you understand your potential investment in the project. It is important to use that you fully understand the damage in your home, and how much it will cost to restore it. We won’t hide anything from you, or spring any sudden “surprise” repair charges. We’ll figure out what we need to do to restore your home, give you a fair price, and keep it as within that price as possible.

After we’ve agreed on a price, we will come into your home and remove all water damage. Then, we restore the structural integrity of your home, remove water logged insulation, drain trapped water, reinforce damaged structures, and restore damaged building materials. If we have to remove insulation, we will replace it. We can even add new decorative touches to replace damaged ones, including repainting walls and replacing flooring.

Best of all, once we have repaired and restored your home, we will waterproof the damaged areas to prevent further damage. This service is include in our initial bid, and helps ensure that you won’t be running into this kind of problem again. We consider this service the our most important benefits. Water proofing your home helps give you the peace of mind of knowing that your home is safe from further damage.

Professional water restoration firms like us, help prevent a bad situation from turning worse. If you leave water damaged untreated, it can spread to other areas of your home, and cause damage on a house wide scale.

Carpet Cleaning Terrabone OR


Carpet Cleaning Terrabone OR

A lot of folks ask Pro-Steam how to make their carpets last longer and there are a lot of effective ways to do this.
First of all, padding is most certainly important. You don’t want anything more than a thickness of 7/16 inch unless maybe the carpet came with it attached. You want to also use pads under rugs and move them around from time to time. I’d also recommend you ask your guest and that you do this as well to remove their shoes. You want to do the best job you can in ensuring that you keep as much dirt out of the house. Invest in some doormats if you do not want to do this. Prevent excess dirt is the main priority.

You also want to confine snacking and food in the kitchen. You want to make an attempt to prevent spills as much as possible and that’s why it’s the best to keep food on tile floor. You also want to vacuum on a regular basis and more on high traffic areas. I know Pro-Steam says this a lot but we honestly believe it helps immensely to vacuum, vacuum, and vacuum!

Also, we recommend you keep something like socks or slippers on those feet so that oils that are on your skin do not stick on the carpet fibers and attract any dirt. YOu want to also change your rooms furniture around to break up traffic areas and help in that aspect. Just make sure you call Pro-Steam twice a year to get those carpets deep cleaned.

Carpet Cleaning Madras OR

Carpet Cleaning Madras OR

Pro-Steam is asked all the time, how often should I professionally get my carpets cleaned? So, we want folks to know that carpet manufactures actually recommend that carpets are professionally cleaned twice a year and it’s amazing that most don’t do that. But you want to do this to protect it and to make it last longer. Carpet is like anything. It’s an expensive thing in your home that needs regular maintenance. They also say it depends on foot traffic, smoking, if you have kids or pets, and anything that contributes a lot of dirt and allergens then you may want carpets cleaned even more than twice a year. It just depends on your life style.

They say that if you have a large family and you also have multiple pets like cats and dogs that you need to vacuum daily and get carpets deep cleaned 2-3 months. It makes since because people and pets drag in dirt and whatever other bacterias that are outside into the house and onto the carpet where it lives and can later cause other issues and problems.

Carpet manufactures and fiber folks also recommend hot water extraction. There a lot of tips and tricks to the trade that’s for sure. Pro-Steam just wants your family to be healthy and live in a clean environment.

Carpet Cleaning La Pine OR

slide1starCarpet Cleaning La Pine OR

Pro-Steam wants to give you some more tips and tricks of the trade to get carpets cleaner, remove stains more effectively, and to make your home environment happier and healthier.

Let’s look at acid stains. If you spill drain cleaner lets say on the carpet this demands that you act as quickly as possible! You want to dilute this with baking soda and water or club soda and then apply ammonia and water mixed together one it. Rinse this with cold water and let it dry for a bit and then vacuum the area.

Another common spill is maybe your alcoholic beverage. Just dilute the spot with cold water and absorb the extra moisture. Mix a mild detergent, some white vinegar, and some warm water and then apply this to the stain. Let the carpet dry and then vacuum the area.

Blood ! This can be a horrific thing that no one likes to clean up. Mix some mild detergent, white vinegar, and some warm water and after you use this maybe try a dry cleaning fluid and vacuum it up. I also recommend that you call a carpet cleaner like Pro-Steam just to come in and do a good deep clean on the carpets if this was a bad blood spill. I think it’s important because we can get out all the bacteria, protect the carpet, and get out all of the moisture.

Another thing kids seem to do is using crayons on the carpets and we always say you should scrape the area to remove it. People say they use something to blot the crayon by ironing the area and then blotting it. So, it’s as if you are melting it and blotting away the excess. This is another area where I recommend Pro-Steam to come in and get this taken care of. Especially, if it’s all over. After you spend the time and energy you will feel as if you’d have rather hired a professional to come in and get the job done right and quicker.

Carpet is an important part of our home so it’s important to protect it and make it last.

Water Damage Sisters OR

Emergency Water Damage Lacey WA

Water Damage is very serious and the fact is if there are any hazards like electrical wires, cords, or anything else that is dangerous just vacate the area and call professionals. We, at Pro-Steam can come in and handle the situation accordingly. You first of all want to find this source where the water is leaking and stop it if possible. Shutoff water and this is a first positive step into the right direction of fixing the problem.

In the winter time you can prevent some water leaks by winterize and safe guarding your pipes against freezing. Remove your garden hoses, drain sprinkler systems, leave the heat on in your home and just check pipes and fix anything that could look like it may lead to a leak. Little steps in being proactive will help in ensuring water damage does not occur.

There are different types of drying technologies that professionals use and Pro-Steam has experienced technicians that take care of it and know exactly what they are doing. We can speed up the drying time and ensure repairs are done correctly. Pro-Steam wants to ensure customer satisfaction and to get the job done right.

Water Damage La Pine OR

Water Damage La Pine OR

So, if you have a serious leak in the home and water has gotten everywhere you have to understand water can be deceptive and to the naked eye it may look fine but it may not be. It may be damaging the infrastructure and the floor more than you think, and mold and mildew could be growing.

The way water penetrates into the structure cavities is by creating pockets where it settles. This is why you want professionals to professionally dry everything and companies have sophisticated moisture detection meters that can actually find spots that seem fine but is inhabiting moisture. Any moisture that isn’t found and isn’t dried will continue to cause damage and this causes odor, mold, mildew, and will damage the materials that is in your home. For instance, wood floors splitting, materials delaminated, and other costly damage. Pro-Steam has seen homes where water has literally soaked through the dry wall then thru the insulation. When you wait this long you are looking at not only repairing the dry wall but also repairing the insulation.

Truly it is important to call professionals like Pro-Steam immediately and that is why we offer a 24 hour service. It is true that longer the remediation is delayed the higher the cost of restoration will be. Being proactive and working with licensed technicians and certified tech is important and it gives you peace of mind that the job has been done correctly.

Carpet Cleaning Sisters OR

Carpets need to be vacuumed at least once a week. We, Pro-Steam, have seen some carpets that maybe were vacuumed once a month and you wouldn’t believe all the dirt and grime that came out. We left the house looking as if it had brand new carpet. But the reason we want you to vacuum once a week and maybe vacuum more in areas with a lot of foot traffic like at the front and back doors is because the dirt that lives in the carpet has allergens in it that leak into the air and may cause you breathing issues.

If you have plush carpet then take your time. You know the thicker the carpet is the more dirt that can hide in there so just go slow and get that deeply embedded dirt and grime out and go over areas a few times. Go slow to allow the suction to do it’s job and this helps when we come in and clean the carpets because we can get out more dirt and grime. You always want to pay extra attention to areas where the kids are laying around and crawling and this maybe everywhere I guess but any areas where they maybe rolling around you want to ensure your keeping that clean as possible.

Some tips that you may not know is you can add baking soda to your vacuum bag and this will help neutralize odors and make things smell better. This really helps if you have pets and you don’t want that dog smell or if they were running around the house after a bath. Give the carpet a quick clean with the baking soda in the bag and it will smell a lot better.

German Shepherd grows up in 40 seconds!

German Shepherd grows up in 40 seconds! In this video the person took pictures of the dog throughout the first year of his life and the person compiled the photos and created this cute video of showing the dog growing up from a pup to adult hood. It’s amazing how fast kids and dogs grow up. It’s almost like it’s a blink of an eye. I have read that a dog should be completely mature by two years of age. That’s amazing that they mature that fast. My hound dog is around five and it seems like she’s still a wild beast. She has so much energy no one can keep up with her.